Dispense Equipment

•Single component pumps and Packages.


•Metering Packages.
•Plural Components process:


•Hot melt process.

Equipment for Hot Melt.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic pumps to handle high viscosity fluids.

Dispense equipment to handle two components as silicones, epoxy, adhesives.

• Positive Displacement Metering Rod
• Shifting spool valve check
• Dot to Dot Applications 0.002 – 1.800 cc
• Luer Lock Needle or Custom Needle Block
• Pneumatic Actuation
• Up to 1 Cycle/Sec
• Optional cycle detect

• Acrylics
• Urethanes
• Lubricants
• UV Curable
• Silicone Oil
• Epoxies
• Filled Materials
• Damping Compounds
• Greases
• Heat Sink Components
• RTV Silicones
• Sealants

The 1053 offers the same benefits as the 1052, plus the following:
• Programmable step or servo motor for very accurate bead or shot sizes
• Electric drive delivers smooth and rapid change-over offering continuous flow bead option for larger volume dispense needs
• Easy to install cycle detection allows operator to verify dispense sequences and ensure shot accuracy